Wei Yi brings unique depth to the Chinese-English business landscape:


With natural dexterity operating in both business cultures, Wei Yi provides in-touch local market and logistics solutions to achieve
successful collaboration.

Working with Wei Yi gives small-to-medium businesses the advantage of:

Agile delivery of personalized service

Insightful interpretation & business coordination

Expedited outcomes & competitive rates


Local Representation and Research

We provide transparent, resourceful facilitation of your business tasks in Shanghai and greater China. 


From perceptive market research to local in-person representation, we deliver our services with an eye on opportunity for your company.

Door-to-door Logistics

With combined industry experience totaling 20 years, we will skillfully develop and execute your international and domestic logistics plans to meet your requirements at competitive rates.

Hosting and Interpretation

By engaging our interpretation services at business meetings, negotiation sessions, or trade shows, you can be confident that complete understanding is achieved between you and your counterpart.


We are pleased to have hosted business associates in both China and North America. Our hosting service includes in-house transportation in the Shanghai region for up to five associates.

Refined English Representation

Your deliverables, marketing materials, and communications are enduring representations of your business: we will work with you to make sure they are targeted, accurate, and polished. 


Bring us into your process at any point—from translation, to editing, to proofing.

Who We Are

Shan worked closely with us for several months on a market research project in China and he proved to be a real asset to our team. He combined fantastic communication skills and in depth knowledge of local culture and business etiquette, Shan was very efficient in reaching out to our customers. 

    Ivan, Russia, 2019
    Feasibility study of online client interface for product sales

Yeping Shan (Shan) is a Shanghai native who has been connecting business for over a decade, for companies in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. While living in Canada, he earned an MBA at the University of Alberta. Working in a western business culture is second nature and his sensibility and resourcefulness will support and guide your projects towards success.

Shan provided quick delivery and excellent communication.

     Nadim, Switzerland, 2019

     Tax control technical translation

We have been doing business in China for some years now and always struggled to find a good translator.  Most of the time it was just a literally translator, but in China it's extremely important that the translator can read between the lines. Shan has delivered more than we expected, not only in the translation, but also as a representative to negotiate business on our behalf.

     Yves, Spain, 2019

     Liaison in China for winemaker

Alan Yin is a well-rounded logistics expert, and a trusted logistics manager for numerous major enterprises within China. His experience fulfilling every step of the logistical path for shipments small and large is your assurance of a robust toolkit of solutions available for your project.

Cara’s technical editing has benefited our team by ensuring a final document quality meeting professional level. She is dependable, detailed, and competent in handling and improving technically complex material. She has also been able to provide functional and timely feedback to elevate our in-house capabilities.

      Dennis, Shanghai, 2019

      Environmental reporting for Fortune 500 company

Cara Shan is Canadian communicator who is passionate about effective information sharing. With a background in science-based consulting and proposal writing, Cara's logic and style will infuse your written materials with effectiveness and elegance.

Cara is very detail-oriented and very thorough in her editing. She is reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend working with her.

     Nina, Hong Kong, 2019

     Editing for Chinese digital media outlet


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We'd love to discuss your goals and how we can work together to realize them. 

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